Quality, not quantity

Filmkour.com is a Video Production company based in Vancouver, Canada. The word Filmkour itself is a combination of two words, Film+Vancouver. We believe marketing is very essential to thrive in businesses in this fast world. This has resulted in growing need for video promotion and marketing, without it, it's kind of difficult to run your business, as most people don't know about it. Effective video campaigns and photos of your product or content may not just boost your business but also give you significant edge over your competition. Nonetheless, Social media is one of the most helpful tool you can use, to be most successful in your business, if not most.

This is where we come in to help you. We help to build your brands social media presence and learn how to effectively market across all the platforms with your new content at comparatively low prices yet optimum results. Our motto is to capture and create moments that mean the most to you; whether it be your brand or you. That's our passion.

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